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Shaidis. From Russia.
I like to draw stuff and play videogames.
Sorry for my English, it's not very good.

Apr 24

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Проблему с квадратиками можно решить так: открыть папку с игрой, далее открыть папку “Pack”, найти там файл env_cabininterior_english.landb и удалить его. Очень рада, что и ты присоединилась в фандом :>

Ты мой спаситель! ♥ 

Давно уже смотрела на эту игру, и твои рисунки окончательно соблазнили меня поиграть. :3

"I’m the worst".

"I’m the worst".

mistsomad ответил(a) на ваш пост “liliolaus ответил(a) на ваш пост “liliolaus said:  Yes. and it sucked…”

ооо ты наконец в твдг играешь? и даже в полку шипперов нашего дохлого шипа прибыло? серьезно, обменял бы всех персов 2 сезона (кроме Люка) на Шел и Стеф.

Да! Я закончила первый сезон. Великолепная игра, вообще расслабиться не давала. Только напряжение было несколько другого рода, чем обычно - не нервное, а скорее душевное. Думаешь, “ну вот, худшее уже произошло!”, а потом становится ЕЩЕ ХУЖЕ.

Второй сезон только начала, но в середине у меня случился очень неприятный глюк - исчез звук, субтитры и вместо выбора ответов одни пустые квадратики. Мне теперь очень не хочется переустанавливать игру и проходить все заново. Т.е., это не трудно, просто я не знаю, смогу ли я еще раз пройти тот эпизод с собакой.

Люк классный :3 Ник напоминает мне Бена. Они бы подружились)

Шел и Стеф, наверное, лучшие женские персонажи в игре. Они отчего-то очень живыми получились. Еще Молли вспоминается.

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OH MY GOD don’t even get me started on Becca, she annoyed me so much. I seriously don’t get why there wasn’t a choice to get away with Steph, even when Shel had a gun - I’d rather kill everyone else? They’d be so much better than chars we have in s2

Shel is not that kind of person who will kill everyone, especially people she long lived with… I guess, this is the reason. And there was our sweet Becca and Shel thinks about her safety first of all… So, poor Steph. But I will be glad even if she just somehow survived. It will be enough for me. But no :C

I just started s2, so I can’t speak much about them… but Luke and Pete looks nice. And Alvin! He gave Clem a juice. Honestly I was almost in tears at that moment. ♥

Apr 23

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Ages ago I posted a story I wrote when I was nine. I love seeing peoples’ progression.

Well, it’s always interesting! I collect my drawings since youth, so I have a huge gallery of them. First drawing from times when I was five years old. It was a baboon. :D

liliolaus said: 

Yes. and it sucked so much you couldn’t save Stephanie ?? Choises were so poor. I wanted to take Steph and ride away in that truck, I didn’t want to have anything to do with any of them tbh. Another dead ship for me wow.

Damn true. Actually I want to hit Becca when she said “let’s kill her”. Becca, why, you little brat?! I don’t like them too, especially when I heard that they stole Kenny boat. Except Boyd, but he died in my walkthrough anyway. :C

Well, all of my ships are dead or unpopular, I think I get used to this :D

It was so long ago.

It was so long ago.

Does it matter?

Does it matter?

Today I forgot my flash drive at home with all the unfinished stuff. But instead I found two notebooks filled with very old sketches. There were a couple of quite decent sketches. Others were… well, horrible.

I will post them here, just because.

liliolaus replied to your post: Adorable girlfriends! Seriously, they …

this is the thing that I ship from twdg c:

Now I ship it too, they are so cute. C: Too bad Shel story was too short, she was kind, really impressive character. And I wish if she can save Steph…

frenchy-lu asked: Hello! I've just discovered your blog (I can't believe it took me so long to find it). I just wanted to tell you that I love your art, your drawings are superb! ^^ Have a very good day! Cheers!

Oh, I’m so sorry, I missed this note in my inbox. Thank you very very much, I’m glad you like my drawings. Seriously,  people like you always make me to draw more and try to do it better ♥

Have a nice day too! :3

Anonymous asked: hello, you are wonderful <3

That’s very kind of you, thanks! ♥


Orbital Mechanics Complexity Graphics -Tatiana Plakhova

After Music is Math, Russian artist Tatiana Plakhova made a series entitled “Orbital Mechanics” in which she shows in a very graphic way, circular forms which look like the solar system and mappemondes

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Dead glare :D


Silent Hill The Room, my impressions

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